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This is an exciting creative business to explore. No matter if you are looking to start a small business or just learn how to decorate your own events get the information and training you need here.

We decided to start teaching this exciting balloon art in 2014 because we had so many people interested in learning this creative business.

With all the technology that's available people are turning to YouTube to learn. That's great but to learn properly you really need to attend a hands-on class to get the good technique, industry secrets, and good skills for this industry. You need general business knowledge about how and where to buy balloons wholesale, how to become part of the QBN (Qualatex Balloon Network).  

We teach basic hands-on design skills and techniques to get you started in this field. 


What will you learn in our learn balloon decorating classes?

When you attend one of our classes it is hands-on for 5-6 hours, learning how to do balloon arches, balloon columns, balloon centerpieces, balloon walls, organic balloon and much more depending on what class you sign up for.  You can take pictures of your creations to start building a portfolio and use on your website.  

We can tell you in general what to charge for an item, but you are the creator and your overhead could be much different than ours.

You are only allowed to use pictures of items you produced or get okay from another student to use what they created.  You are not allowed to use any pictures from this website unless you created them or you get our permission.

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Items students learned in learn balloon decorating classes

Colorful balloon arch

Hands on balloon decorating classes

We offer classes most Saturday's and one on one personal classes during the week. This is a skill that you must have a creative talent to learn.  You have to know what colors match on the color wheel. Understand size and proportion. You generally have to have passion and a love for this.


Balloon Columns

From balloon columns to balloon arches we help you to understand why good technique is important.  

Balloon Columns learn balloon decorating class

Education Learn Balloon Decorating

No matter what you do in life, learning is the first step to help you be more successful. That's why it's important to attend Learn Balloon Decorating classes. Our balloon decorating classes in Irving TX will help you on the road to success.

More information on starting a small balloon business.

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Please call to schedule your classes first or Visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/learn-balloon-decorating-in-tx…for tickets for Saturday classes. 

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