Important information about balloons

We love balloons and wish they could last forever!

So you want balloons at your party or event.  You think balloons are just balloons and shouldn't be expensive, right?  Well here are the facts.

We use 3 of the best highest grade balloons Qualatex, Betallatex and Sempertex for everything we do. The type of balloon and cost has a lot to do with how your event will look in the end. Also it's what we can do with balloons compared to what a party store can do is where your cost comes in because it's a work of art!

Even the best balloons can pop because balloons are fragile.  Balloons are a product with a relatively short life span, but using the best balloons can cut down on popping.

Using balloons outdoors is not an ideal situation.  If you want outside decorations please notify us in advance.  If we aren't informed of this we can't  give you all the facts to help you make an informed decision of decorating outdoors.  Balloons tend to pop and oxidize in outdoor conditions, which is not pretty. If you still want balloon decorating outdoors you will have to sign a contract stating we gave you the details and if they pop or oxidize there is no refund.

Most balloon bouquets with helium and hi-float will last 2-3 days. Cold air will affect Mylar balloons they will look as if they are deflated, but when you get back in the heat they come back to life. The hot Texas heat will affect Latex balloons so we under inflate in the summer to allow for expansion of helium. 

There are several things that can affect float times so float times are not guaranteed.

Although some people think it's a good idea to inhale helium to make you talk funny, it's not. Never inhale helium under any circumstances it can collapse your lungs and lead to death. Even inhaling small amounts of helium overtime can damage your lungs.

Balloons should always be secured to a weight if helium filled.  Never release mylar helium filled balloons as it can cause a power failure if they get entangled with power lines.  

Some states require a permit to do a balloon release and they should be all latex, ideally without ribbon and never with metallic ribbon.

Keep deflated and latex balloons that have popped away from small children to avoid the risk of choking or suffocating. Also never let small children play with uninflated latex balloons.

We have noticed on raw occasions when people want to release balloons on the ceiling they start popping. There is static and invisible fibers on ceilings which can cause balloons to pop. Be sure to dusk your ceiling with a cloth mop to remove the dust and dirt to avoid popping. Test a few balloons on the ceiling first before putting all the balloons on the ceiling.

If you have just painted or cleaned there are items in the air that might cause your balloons to pop.  This happens on occasions when there is a new building having a grand opening or someone has just painted a room in their house or had a cleaning crew to clean.  It is best to open windows or doors to let the area air out before requesting decorating or balloons to be placed in that room.


How latex balloons are made

Most hospitals don't allow latex balloons to be delivered because of latex allergies and because they disturb patients if they pop. Knowing this we only make all mylar deliveries to hospitals.

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